MasterFile offers flexible deployment options with an easy migration path if you decide to switch: In-house, single or multi-user or Hosted with a variety of add-on options and services to fit your needs including Equivio near-duplicate processing.

MasterFile Single or Multi-user
Choose this option if you've want to run MasterFile as a single user or already have a server and need a multi-user MasterFile setup for your office. Lawyers and litigators: get the best value in the legal industry, today!


MasterFile Personal Edition
Students, researchers, academics, journalists and solo investigators ... if you don't need database sharing or some of MasterFile's advanced features, this specially priced edition's for you! Get our C-Pen handheld OCR scanner bundle and save even more. Make life easy!


MasterFile Hosted Services
No server needed! MasterFile Hosted Services include MasterFile, support, upgrades and mobile access -- for only $2/day/user ... that's less than a cup of coffee!
MFHS is designed to simplify and meet your firm's case analysis, litigation support, e-mail and document management needs while reducing your technology investment risk. A low initial investment, no need to acquire hardware and software, or buy ongoing upgrades, customer support and maintenance, plus freed up resources, all add up to long term cost savings.


Recommended Add-ons
The MasterFile Evidence Cruncher is your affordable Service Bureau in a Box -- just add scanner! The Evidence Cruncher lets you OCR image documents and convert and standardize electronic documents into PDF format, let you review near-duplicate documents and e-mail threads, as well as handle document production, bates stamping and much more.

USB MasterFile is our revolutionary new way to go mobile. It lets you run MasterFile from standard USB flash disks or external drives without restrictions. Just plug it in to any computer and you're good to go.

The pocket sized C-Pen scanner works with MasterFile's unique Extract Repository to let you quickly cull parts of a paper document or book. A stroke of the pen, and the printed text appears "typed" directly in Extract Profiles as fast as you highlight!

Research shows that 30-50% of documents and e-mail threads analysed are duplicates or near-duplicates. MasterFile near-duplicate processing identifies these duplicates dramatically cutting review time even for small document sets. Affordably priced, MasterFile near-duplicate review puts small and solo practices on an equal footing with the larger firm.
Near-duplicate review requires the Evidence Cruncher.

MasterFile Professional Services covers specialized work and support outside technical support included with your MasterFile or Lotus Notes/Domino license. Such tasks include custom Domino installations, troubleshooting Domino and network infrastructure issues (at our discretion), checking, correcting and/or testing a CSV loadfile, troubleshooting load errors from incorrectly created CSV loadfiles, and creating custom CSV loadfiles for your datasets. Project based or hourly rates.

MasterFile's FastTrack Installation Services lets us take care of installing and setting up MasterFile if you need assistance or are pressed for time.



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