Easy Production

Sophisticated and intuitive production for the small firm

For us, the Evidence Cruncher truly shines in the document-production process. — John J. Mueller

MasterFile document production briefcases introduce a unique, new level of flexibility and ease of use in production tasks, as well as providing the small and solo practitioner with affordable, sophisticated production tools that work simply and easily.

You can produce in both image, PDF and native formats to meet the growing requirements of native document production well as avoid any initial conversion into TIFF format.

A simple, three step process separates the selection of documents to be produced from their actual production. This means these tasks can proceed independently and incrementally, with counsel collaborating as necessary.

The native production process is controlled by the Evidence Cruncher functions within MasterFile; PDF and image formats, plus Bates numbering and other functions require the optional Evidence Cruncher module.

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