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Advanced case-analysis,
comprehensive litigation support,
self-managed e-discovery and
document management -- all in one
easy to use application.

Even if you're not a litigator, document management in MasterFile is reason enough to use it in your practice.

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Live "by Issue" views
See all medical facts, records, test results, etc. related to any issue.

As a legal nurse consultant your role is critical in a medical case. But to deliver the superb service your clients expect, you need quick access to well-organized medical records that substantiate the facts, chronology and issues of the case. MasterFile lets you bring medical and legal facts and issues to light quicker, lets you set out the issues and reconstruct and substantiate the all the medical and legal facts of the case, and lets you present your findings with clear, precise reports so you stand out.

MasterFile will make a difference to your LNC practice. Start your free trial now!

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MasterFile's mobile user support is second to none. Enjoy full, unrestricted functionality even when disconnected. MasterFile's exclusive bi-directional synchronization let's anyone replicate work in one click, any time from anywhere, and keep everyone else up to date.

For less than a cup of coffee (from $2 per day per user) MasterFile Hosted Services lets you collaborate and share your MasterFile case databases without an in-house server.

MFHS lets you work off-line without restriction on your entire case -- something hosted web-only SaaS solutions dream about. You can even mix and match MFHS with your own in-house MasterFile servers.

MasterFile has everything the smaller practice needs to self-manage e-discovery and document production, even in native format. With advanced features like Equivio near duplicates, MasterFile levels the playing field.

Take aim and make your case with MasterFile -- a new and simpler way of staying on top of your investigation or research project's or case's evidence, facts, issues and chronology. Historians: you can now reconstruct fully documented time-lines directly in MasterFile.


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