The number of issues investigative reporters, watchdog and regulatory organizations have to pursue is exploding annually. MasterFile is a new class of software specifically to help you or a team stay on top of your investigation's research, evidence, facts, issues and chronology -- whether on the road or in the office. You get full functionality even in remote locations with no internet connection in sight. When you're back on-line, one click bi-directionally synchronizes the team, bringing everyone up to date.

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    Your investigation's "masterfile" by author
    Pinpoint documents in 2 or 3 clicks by author, document type, etc.

    A secure MasterFile database is created for each investigation. It becomes the central store not only for all evidence but also for all your communications, notes, thoughts, findings and conclusions -- the investigation's "masterfile" where you turn to find everything related to it.

    Documents are no longer scattered across flash drives, servers, laptops, in  e-mail, etc. And notes are no longer spread across electronic sticky notes, web page highlighters, "free-form" databases or other ad-hoc programs.

    MasterFile's unique design let's you pinpoint anything in 2 clicks -- whether by author, date, document type, or issue, etc. Advanced Google style search is there when you need it.

    Reference databases can also be created for your specific areas of expertise or interest, not just accumulating but extracting critical findings, and saving time when you need critical research relevant to your work.

    Learn more about MasterFile's document repository

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    Extract repository
    See what's important at a glance.

    As you review material, MasterFile's Extract technology lets you instantly highlight, extract and classify, by issue, any key information. You can also highlight key passages from paper directly into MasterFile using our integrated C-Pen hand held scanner. These extracts form your key evidence so MasterFile keeps them visible and not buried away.

    Learn more about the extract repository
    Learn more about C-Pen integration



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    Your investigation's "masterfile" by issue
    Review everything related to an investigation organized by issue.





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    Fact Analysis
    See how your investigation is shaping up.



    When it comes to setting out the facts and your argument, MasterFile's live "by Issue" views lets you see at a glance what key information you collected for each issue. For a report about climate change, these could be "Melting polar ice", "Sunspot cycles", "Solar system warming.", etc.

    Next, you create a fact record for each issue with one click, assess its relevance and link in its substantiating and corroborating evidence.

    Related or follow up questions are also easily tracked in MasterFile.

    Learn more about "by issue" views
    Learn more about fact management
    Learn more about setting out and substantiating argument
    Learn more about follow up questions

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    Event chronologies
    Understand the story's timeline.

    Creating event chronologies to discover who knew what when is as simple as assigning dates to facts. MasterFile's chronology views show you all events related to each issue in chronological order. Integration with leading timeline software lets you create compelling visual charts.

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    Argument Drafting
    Set out and substantiate your assertions point by point.

    As you pull everything together, MasterFile's doc-link technology lets you draft your report and substantiate it point by point so when you're grilled during the fact check, you're able to produce the sources for any statement with a single click. No more arrows pointing here and there -- and no more thumbing through pages of notes finding what you want. Write as much detail as you need, format it as you want.

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The MasterFile Personal Edition is a specially priced version of MasterFile designed for investigators, journalists or academic researchers and students whose projects do not require database sharing.


TimeMap® integration -- Create compelling graphic timelines with event boxes linked directly to the supporting evidence.
Learn more

Proposition Analysis -- Investigators can remain impartial and assess facts as "For" or "Against" competing parties, hypotheses or propositions under investigation.
Learn more

Evidence Cruncher -- OCR scanned paper documents in bulk into searchable PDF format and to also allow extracting key information.
Learn more

Issue Cross-Table -- eliminates creating and maintaining duplicate issue lists for investigation issues that apply to several locations, for example.
Learn more

Integrated PDF print driver -- Create and load PDF documents of web pages or from any application.

C-Pen OCR Scanner integration
 -- think of it as a highlighter that types!
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