MasterFile Hosted Services

From $2.50/day per user — less than a cup of coffee — case analysis, evidence repository, production, and document management. etc. all in the cloud

MasterFile Hosted Services lets you collaborate on cases with your colleagues without needing an in-house server.

You also have the same unique advantage of working off-line just as if you had your own MasterFile server — something web-only SaaS applications simply can not provide — so the moment you reconnect to MFHS via the internet, MasterFile’s built-in bi-directional synchronization brings everyone else in your firm that’s connected too, up to date.

Using USB MasterFile with MFHS is a new way to go mobile. Since USB MasterFile lets you run MasterFile runs directly off USB flash or external drives, just plug into any computer and you’re good to go! Work on-line connected to MFHS or off-line and synchronize automatically when you’re on-line again.

MFHS features one low, monthly, per user cost without any need for traditional server hardware and software, or dealing with server upgrades, support and maintenance. Plus, freed up resources add up to long term time and cost savings. A professionally managed data center provides database and server security, hardware and communications redundancy, server administration and many other “technical issues” that help ensure business continuity and your peace of mind.

MFHS gives you control over your own data too. Whenever you like, simply replicate any case(s) to your computer to keep an exact copy of the entire case for archival, or backup and keep it up to date with one click.

Compare MasterFile Hosted Services to SaaS litigation software

Use MasterFile every day: One system for all your document needs — work product and evidence

SaaS applications for litigation support are designed primarily for dealing with litigation involving huge amounts of evidentiary documents. Some include other features like document production; others don’t.

In contrast, MasterFile is designed to be used by everyone in the office, day in, day out, not just for litigation documents and case analysis, but for all document related activities whether related to corporate, family or transactional law.

No per case handling/hosting fees: Self-load data and evidence; archive off-line when you want

Conventional SaaS services charge steep fees per litigation and e-discovery matter that easily run $200 to $500+ per gb for each batch you submit for set-up and document loading. Monthly on-line fees are additional … and it adds up. SaaS costs for 5 users and just 25 cases with just 10gb of case documents can easily cost thousands of dollars per month and an equivalent amount to set-up.

MFHS would cost just $375 to set-up and $395 per month for those 5 users! Simply because you can set-up any number of cases or matters in one click and load case data yourself using MasterFile’s Express Load and E-mail Loader. No documents or e-mails need to be sent to MasterFile, a bureau or SaaS provider. Whether you use MFHS, MasterFile on a workstation or on your in-house MasterFile server, the process for loading documents is always the same.

Flexibility: Mix and match hosted services or in-house servers as needed

As your firm grows, or your IT policy evolves, instantly switch between, or even mix and match MFHS and MasterFile on your own in-house server — with no change in your data, application, user interface or the way you work.

Unlike conventional SaaS web based services, MFHS does not force an all or nothing approach on you. Decide, even on a case file by case file basis, which databases to keep in-house and which to host with MFHS. Your users continue to use MasterFile without noticing any difference. It’s that simple.

Your also not not locked into MFHS — you’re free to go in house with all your data. It’s under your control.

Archiving: Move old/dormant cases onto your own computers

Since archival in MasterFile means live, you can review any archived case at any time! If a case is re-activated, you can simply restore it to MFHS with one click. You’re not faced with spending hundreds of dollars each month in on-line costs for cases no one ever uses.