Mobile user support worth staying home for

Work without limitations when you’re on the go — off-line or on-line

Today users demand to be able to “work from anywhere without restrictions”, so every vendor claims “mobile user support”, “Internet support”, “work from anywhere”, etc. But all mobile user support and synchronization technologies are not created equal and “Internet options” often hide frustrating limitations you only find out after the fact.

MasterFile gives full, unrestricted functionality to:

  • disconnected mobile users and teams, and
  • remote users or offices — without special “Internet options”, Citrix, VPNs, IIS, etc. and their associated cost, support and maintenance — whether synchronizing or working directly on-line in real-time.

A unique mobility option

Run MasterFile off any USB flash drive

USB MasterFile gives you a new option: running MasterFile off any USB flash drive. Plug in anywhere and you’re good to go — off-line or on-line. It’s perfect to work with co-counsel or at a client’s or to simply take cases home.

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