As a legal nurse consultant your role can change from case to case, but one task always remains: to set out the issues and reconstruct and substantiate the all the medical and legal facts of the case. Along with the business need of well-organized medical records and issues, you're expected to present professional reports and generally have everything at your fingertips to immediately respond to questions.

"MasterFile offers case analysis tools similar, but superior, to CaseMap."
-- John J. Mueller

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    Live "by Issue" views
    See all medical facts, records, test results, etc. related to any issue.

    Advanced Medical Case Analysis and Issue Management for Legal Nurse Consultants

    Whether your cases involve medical malpractice, personal injury, elder and dependent adult abuse, sexual assault, Medicare or billing fraud, third-party liability and virtually any kind of errant medical billing, an attorney's initial request is usually for a medical record review including root-cause analysis. For adverse medical events, the LNC needs to explore the facts, interview physicians and other medical staff to try and determine  what exactly happened,  and why, and how to prevent any such future recurrence a role that may also include suggestions that could assist the affected parties.

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    Case chronology
    Review the treatment chronology, find patterns, link events to the case's legal issues.

    Therefore, being able to quickly and thoroughly organize information and screen the case for merit is critical to both plaintiffs and defendants and in determining whether or not to invest more time and money in pursuing litigation.

    MasterFile's unique combination of case analysis, chronology and evidence management features let you, the LNC, do it all with ease:

    Evaluate cases that have a medical component
    Manage a vast amount of medical records and data for review with ease
    Analyze the medical chronology to find patterns and relationships
    Link facts in the medical chronology to the case's legal issues
    Link to expert testimony in speciality areas of medicine
    Conduct medical legal research
    Prepare for interrogatories, depositions and trial

    Learn more about MasterFile's advanced fact and case analysis
    Learn more about MasterFile's Argument Toolbox


"MasterFile touts, and reality demonstrates you can find
virtually any document within the collection with three keystrokes."
-- Richard S Demarest

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    Your case "masterfile"
    Pinpoint any medical record or document in 2 or 3 clicks by author, document type, etc.

    A unique medical document repository

    MasterFile's unique repository lets you organize all your evidence and instantly put your finger on anything by author, date, document type, or issue, etc. in a couple of clicks. Since medical evidence is of mixed type and often arrives in random order, MasterFile's "document centric" design stores documents in native, image and PDF formats. So whether you need to organize medical records, doctors' orders, lab results, etc., or images such as x-rays, and ultra sound, it's all a snap. File folders become a thing of the past.

    Starting out with MasterFile when a case file comes through the door lets you quickly isolate key facts and issues. Categorization of specific, detailed case information is simpler and quicker than any other approach -- especially notes and tables in Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. Once you've begun to set out the facts in MasterFile, the case begins to take shape itself. Important or specific information can be provided to counsel almost instantly. For example, identifying which frequency specific conditions were assessed, dosage intervals, or how events were reported can be simply isolated, or browsed to, since MasterFile's dynamic issue views pre-sort facts and documents.

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    Selective chronologies
    View a subset of the chronology  related to specific drugs, tests, physician, etc.





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    TimeMap integration
    Plot events on TimeMap charts with one click.



    Medical case chronologies made easy

    In MasterFile chronologies help make sure everything that should be done is being noted. Without a chronology, events can slip through the cracks and the attorney needs all the relevant facts to best argue the case. MasterFile can also generate presentation timelines of all or selected chronological facts and events in once click with its Send to TimeMap integration.

    Timelines are a fact of life in every medical case and the frustration of trying to write them in spreadsheets or word-processors is finally a thing of the past. Creating chronologies in MasterFile as simple as assigning dates to event facts -- each of which is linked to the research material where the event was found.

    MasterFile's chronology views show you all events by issue in chronological order. View the entire case timeline, or a selective timeline with just the events related to a specific player or issue such as the results of series of critical lab tests or medications prescribed.

    TimeMap® integration lets you create compelling graphic timeline charts in one click.

    Learn more about creating chronologies

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    Track case players
    Keep track of the cast of characters in your case.

    Track the players in your case

    Tracking the key players of your case is important too. This list is an important aid when conducting witness interviews, when you brainstorm the case strategy and when you need to bring new trial team members up to speed on a case.

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    Grab n Go Briefs
    The simplest and fastest way to make polished, presentation quality Word or PDF reports.

    Fast, presentation quality, custom report sets in PDF or Word format

    When you need to put together an ad-hoc collection of presentation quality reports for your clients or others with specific information, it doesn't get any easier than MasterFile's Grab n Go Briefs -- polished Word or PDF reports for your client or other use. Just grab (select) the information needed and add it to the brief as you go. MasterFile automatically creates the brief and a new section properly formatted for you on-the-fly. Since it's all in Word, you can touch it up as needed.

    Learn more about MasterFile's Grab n Go briefs

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    One click bi-directionally synchronizes all work done off-line with the office -- even over the internet -- making collaboration with colleagues or counsel simple.

    Collaboration and unmatched mobile user support

    MasterFile can be used on its own or as a true collaborative platform amongst colleagues and counsel. Collaborative users will find MasterFile's mobile user support second to none -- you get full, unrestricted functionality whether in the office or disconnected and away as everything is in one place. One click bi-directional synchronization keeps everyone up to date the moment they connect. With our USB option, you can even work directly from a flash drive: Plug it into any PC and you're good to go: full MasterFile functionality and your entire case file(s) in your pocket.

    Learn more about MasterFile's mobile support
    Learn more about USB MasterFile

  • The Future

    As health-care legislation evolves to require medical facilities to maintain electronic records, MasterFile will play a greater role: its repository logically organizes any file type whether physician orders, progress notes, care plans, nursing notes, radiology, labs, depositions, etc., so you can find anything within two or three clicks or by advanced full text search.  Its case analysis and fact/issue management keeps you on top of your review and its collaborative capabilities let you easily work with colleagues and counsel whether they're across town or across the country.

    Choose MasterFile for your LNC practice and deliver the superb service your clients expect.


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  Grab n Go Briefs -- The simplest and fastest way to polished Word or PDF reports for your client.
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TimeMap® integration with links back to the MasterFile event and its supporting evidence.
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C-Pen OCR Scanner integration  -- think of it as a highlighter that types! A stroke of the pen, and printed text appears "typed" directly in MasterFile Document or Extract Profiles. Make life easy!
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