Unique C-Pen handheld OCR Scanner integration

Whether you're a paralegal, legal nurse consultant, investigator, journalist, academic researcher or student, why spend long hours retyping text? Or why scan and OCR an entire page if you just need a short passage?

The C-Pen selective approach to text scanning is the easiest and fastest way transfer important sentences or paragraphs directly from paper documents, books, journals, etc. to your computer, saving time and scanning entire pages. C-Pen's speed and precision makes it a unique solution for anyone who retypes information.

Make your trip to the library more productive with a C-Pen in your pocket! Then use MasterFile to manage those extracts -- as easily as using e-mail.

The C-Pen scanner works in tandem with MasterFile's Extract Repository and is unique to MasterFile. A stroke of the pen, and the printed text appears "typed" directly in MasterFile Document or Extract Profiles as fast as you highlight!

See how MasterFile not only lets you organize your C-Pen extracts in its exclusive Extract Repository but also set out and substantiate your argument or hypothesis.


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(Via secure online ordering; shipping included in US and Canada).

Also, use the C-Pen to quickly cull parts of a document, such as the critical facts or a conclusion from a long report or book, when loading that document or book in its entirety is unnecessary or impossible - a unique capability specific only to MasterFile.

How does MasterFile do it?

After creating a document profile, simply press C-Pen's button and MasterFile automatically creates a new Extract Profile. As you highlight, the C-Pen inserts the text into the Extract Profile. Close the extract when you're done and and press the C-Pen's button again to create a new one for the next sentence or paragraph you want. You can highlight and add more text wherever you need.

That's it!

The C-Pen and MasterFile are perfect for students, litigators, legal
nurse consultants, paralegals, researchers, journalists and investigators for extract and text segment management

Make life easy. MasterFile and C-Pen -- they go together!






C-Pen System Requirements

C-Pen is made by C-Technologies -- a world leader in OCR scanning pen technology. It weighs just 1.5 oz and connects via a USB port. Scanning and OCR speed is about the same as using a yellow highlighter; text is fed automatically to the extract or document profile at the cursor location, just as though you typed it in yourself.

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