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MasterFile is a new class of software designed from the ground up just for you.

It features a novel evidence/document repository, built for native,  PDF and image formats, married to an exclusive fact and argument system with advanced case analysis, which lets you actually plan, draft and substantiate your argument, thesis or investigation, point by point.

MasterFile has been designed and priced specifically for small workgroups or the single user with small/medium sized litigation or research projects with 100 to 50,000 documents. It scales easily to handle cases or projects with 500,000* pages of documents, geographically dispersed offices and mobile teams.

MasterFile is also available in a Personal Edition for single users such as academic researchers and students, legal professionals and legal nurse consultants, journalists or investigators, whose projects do not require database sharing.

* Actual number depends on compression of contents.

Watch this short 5 minute video and see MasterFile in action.

Unique views automatically keep all evidence sorted and categorized for ready reference -- by date, author, issue, or document type, etc. so finding evidence or documents can't get any simpler: you'll pinpoint any document in two or three mouse clicks.

MasterFile's exclusive doc-link technology lets you quickly set out and substantiate your argument or investigation, point by point, with direct links to the supporting documents, extracts of key evidence, facts or events, faster than working on paper.

MasterFile's colour-coded Fact Management views are your dashboard -- a visual risk assessment showing you how your case or investigation is shaping up. You'll instantly see where you're on solid ground and where you're not, alerting you to risk and exposure.

Real document management is built-in eliminating the need for two document systems: one for evidentiary documents and another just for your own work.

Finally, MasterFile's unique repository lets you capture, index and full text search everything - all documents, research and evidence, the key extracts, facts, issues, chronological events and your notes, comments and argument.

How would you use MasterFile in your work? Here's a typical day with MasterFile in a law office.

"We had used the CaseSoft® suite of products over a considerable length of time. ...  MasterFile offers case analysis tools that are similar, but superior, to CaseMap. ... It places lawyers in small firms and solo practices on a technologically equal footing with large firms that use applications costing several times more."
-- John J. Mueller  [more]

"I am completely convinced that I must make the change over to MasterFile. All the shortcomings identified in using CaseMap are limitations which I have run up against. ... MasterFile is an energizing software product ...  Thanks for such a great product. This software is great stuff!"
-- Ed Faunce  [more]

"In summary, I would say that MasterFile is a fantastic electronic document management system.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in any kind of research ..."
-- Linda Hayes  [more]

"Several relational database systems were considered, but none offered the flexibility provided by MasterFile. ... For my application it wasn't a question of why MasterFile was the best solution, it was the only solution -- and also, exceptionally easy to use. Without MasterFile I simply could not accomplish my goals without hiring several assistants to perform the tasks MasterFile handles very efficiently.... MasterFile has saved me a great deal of time and money."
-- Icarus Investments  [more]

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