MasterFile, single or multi-user, is your choice if you've already got a server or you want to run a standalone workstation. A new class of software designed from the ground up for the lawyer, litigator, investigator or academic researcher, MasterFile is the best value in the industry. Ease of installation with low cost of ownership, MasterFile single or multi-user is the deployment option for those who would like to run their case analysis and litigation software themselves with maximum management control.

Compare MasterFile to other vendor offerings. Look at it from a feature, support and deployment perspective. Look at the price. Download and demo MasterFile. We are confident you will like what you see.

Our Installation Videos make workstation set-up a painless process for the non-technical administrator. For multi-user installations, you can quickly get the MasterFile server module up and running on your Windows or Linux Centos or Red Hat server in an hour or two (supported servers are listed here). And rest assured with excellent support from MasterFile too.

Journalists, solo investigators or researchers, students, scholars and academics: A specially priced Masterfile Personal Edition is your choice if you don't need database sharing.


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