MasterFile Personal Edition (MasterFile PE) is a specially
priced version of MasterFile designed specifically for
academic researchers and students (see below),
legal professionals, investigators, journalists or other users
whose projects do not require database sharing nor
certain advanced features, such as document  production,
bulk loading or OCR/PDF processing.

MasterFile Personal Edition has all of MasterFile's features with the following restrictions:

  • Databases can only be used and stored locally; i.e. they can't be stored and shared among several users on a Lotus Domino server.
  • The Evidence Cruncher is not available, although documents in a MasterFile database can be dumped to a disk directory, PDF documents can be printed and the "Load text from PDF" document service is available.
  • Express Load, Briefcases, document production, Send to Sanction and the CaseMap® Importer are not available.

MasterFile PE costs just $249, or, for students and academic researchers, only $149 (please see the Academic section on our Buy Now page for more information). But why spend long hours retyping text or scanning an entire page if you just need a short passage to add to your research? Use the C-Pen handheld OCR scanner in tandem with MasterFile and at a stroke of the pen, printed text appears "typed" directly in MasterFile Document or Extract Profiles as fast as you highlight!


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