USB MasterFile is a revolutionary industry first:

  1. Advanced case-analysis,
  2. Comprehensive litigation support and evidence repository,
  3. Self-managed e-discovery and
  4. Document management

in your pocket, ready for use at a moment's notice on any computer, with no software to install and zero footprint.

USB MasterFile works on any USB flash drive or hard disk -- just plug it in and start working without restriction*, even off-line. All your documents, evidence, case-analysis, notes, etc. are available as though you're in the office. And for security and peace of mind, cases are stored in their own fully encrypted database files.

When you're connected -- even on while on the road --  MasterFile's next generation, one-click bi-directional synchronization lets you keep everyone up to date -- wherever they are. Your USB stick is simultaneously updated too. Any USB MasterFile user can replicate at any time from anywhere.

If you need more space than a even the largest (32gb!) flash drive, simply use an external USB drive.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Carry all your active cases in your pocket and work on them at home, at a client's or a co-counsel's offices, in an Internet cafe, etc.
  • Plug in your USB, connect to your office server and work on-line with cases not on your USB stick!
  • Disaster recovery could not be simpler or more convenient. With one click USB MasterFile's bi-directional replication backups or updates existing backup copies of your cases to your external USB drive. Then, if your servers are down or crash, simply plug your USB drive into on any computer and carry on working with no down time!

Click here to learn more about MasterFile's mobile user support.
Click here for USB MasterFile's system requirements.

(If using flash drives, we recommend high performance (i.e. dual/quad channel) models ($25-$50) such as these:
OCZ Rally2 8gb dual channel
Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8gb dual channel
Patriot Xporter XT Rage 16gb dual channel
USB 3.0 flash drive performance benchmarks)


* The MasterFile Evidence Cruncher or C-Pen are not available with
USB MasterFile unless they are installed on the computer being used.  


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One click bi-directionally synchronizes all work done off-line with the office -- even over the internet.

"While [synchronizing] is theoretically possible with other programs, none have had the convenience, ease and speed of MasterFile." -- Keith Pettle


USB MasterFile is a MasterFile add-on product -- you must already be using MasterFile to use USB MasterFile.

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