Co-counsel, clients, remote offices, etc., are also "mobile users" -- i.e. remote users who need access.
E-mail is illustrated because with MasterFile you can optionally upgrade your present e-mail system to
Notes e-mail. Notes e-mail is the choice of over 145,000,000 users -- that's comparable to Microsoft!

MasterFile needs only one server -- in or out of the office, as shown above. End users have only one system to use for everything without restrictions. And you don't even have to purchase the server software as an extra add-on -- it's already included with Lotus Notes, free.

To use the conventional technology of the "leading legal systems" over the internet you'll need to purchase, set-up, support, maintain, backup, upgrade, troubleshoot, secure, etc., six server systems, that's right six, as shown above, just so you can work on, or have access to, your litigation documents, work product documents, facts and e-mail.

And don't forget the end-users -- they're burdened with complexity of learning and tinkering with several complex systems when they're away from the office and need to get real work done. Besides that, they still face many restrictions and limitations -- because other mobile user support and synchronization technologies are not created equal and have frustrating limitations you find out after the fact.

Whether you choose to deploy MasterFile in-house on your own server or opt for MasterFile Hosted Services, you get the same unparalleled functionality -- on-line or off-line. You only ever use one MasterFile server in or out of the office!

MasterFile is the innovative, affordable multi-user solution for your organization. One easy system to learn. One easy system to administer. One easy system to support. Unique functionality not available anywhere else - in the office and on the road.

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