As you pull your case or research together, the Argument Toolbox lets you draft and substantiate your argument directly in MasterFile. Write as much detail as you need, format it as you want, and link in the sources for any statement with a single click --
all in MasterFile.

  • MasterFile's doc-link technology lets you reference sources, authorities, attachments, exhibits, research and your notes at the exact point in your argument or thesis where they're needed. No more arrows pointing here and there -- and no more thumbing through pages of notes finding what you want.
  • As shown on the left, doc-links can be interspersed within text, letting you insert your reference exactly where you need it -- next to the relevant commentary or notes.
  • Create doc-links to documents, extracts, facts, authorities, transcripts, etc. in other MasterFile databases such as reference databases of authorities, research from the literature, patents, etc., or databases set up for bulky digital evidence such as video and audio segments.
  • Doc-links eliminate linking to files on hard disks. They don't break when you're disconnected and mobile, working on your notebook.
  • Doc-links can even be e-mailed. This ensures security is maintained as only those with database access can retrieve the information they point to. Bulky file attachments that clog e-mail systems and extra network traffic is also eliminated.
  • Insert doc-links in your Notes or Outlook tasks or calendar entries for filing deadlines, etc. When the reminder triggers, clicking on the doc-link takes you straight to the relevant document.
  • You can search for doc-links to find wherever a document, extract or fact has been referenced or cited, such as where one document is an attachment to another.

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