Only MasterFile gives you the flexibility to let you find information the way you want or let litigators rapidly sift through and cull down mountains of e-discovery documents by rapid browsing:

  • Browse -- pre-sorted, categorized views, issue outlines.
    See at a glance:
    • how your case, research project or investigation is shaping up, where you're on solid ground, where you're exposed and where work's needed,
    • multiple facts, events, documents, extracts, players, outstanding questions, etc. in live views -- by issue or topic, document type, author, recipient, relevance, etc.,
    • chronology events in calendar format to understand time relationships -- add them also to TimeMap® visuals in one-click with links back to MasterFile,
    • a summary of the most important information in a document, transcript, etc..
  • Simultaneously full text search -- research, documents, extracts, facts, argument, work product, transcripts, notes and argument, file attachments (PDF, DOC, etc.) from one simple tool with advanced features including:
    • searching specific fields in documents, extracts or facts by simply filling out what you're looking for in the same fields of a sample profile,
    • fuzzy logic and word variants (base word with various suffixes),
    • proximity operators (to search within a paragraph or sentence),
    • text and wild card operators (such as "contains", "*", "?"),
    • logical operators (such as "and", "or", "not", "accrue"),
    • numerical relationships (<, <=, =, >=, >),
    • miscellaneous operators (such as "exactcase", "termweight").
  • Explore -- relationships and connections between the facts, issues, documents, extracts and players without being stuck in tedious "moded" windows you have to constantly open and close.

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