Our research has shown that in 90% of situations, when people know the document they are looking for, they are able to pinpoint it very quickly if the document database for a case file was not organized by mimicking a "filing cabinet" but was instead organized
by date, author, recipient, document type and by issue/topic. Then, they are able to browse these categories rather than being always required to perform a search.

So, in MasterFile unique views automatically keep your evidence and work product categorized for ready reference by date, author, document type, etc. When you need to find evidence, it doesn't get any simpler: pinpoint any document with just two or three mouse clicks -- and see at a glance what's important in it.

  • Store and classify all documents or evidence (electronic or scanned paper): correspondence, work product/work in progress, scanned paper documents, transcripts, affidavits, pleadings, authorities, articles, web research, PDF documents, photographs, audio/video segments, etc.
  • The unique live issue outline brings together everything (documents, extracts, facts, events, players) linked to multiple issues without printed reports, as shown above.
  • MasterFile's unique "document centric" repository is designed for litigators to conduct PDF, image and native format review and production of e-discovery. Not only are documents automatically stored in their native format, you can use MasterFile's optional Evidence Cruncher to convert and store documents in PDF format as well; that is, MasterFile can store your documents in both native format and PDF format simultaneously.
  • Simultaneously search transcripts, documents, extracts, facts, your commentary, etc. with one full text search tool.
  • View more than one document, image, transcript or extract simultaneously, open multiple instances of a MasterFile database to examine several views, or open and work on multiple MasterFile case databases simultaneously.
  • Effective and efficient in small and solo offices or for cases with only 100 documents, yet scales for global teams and cases with 500,000* pages of documents.
  • Rapidly bulk load small, medium and large batches of existing document images, OCR or transcript files, articles, work product, etc. using Express Load and the E-mail Loader-- MasterFile's innovative and unique bulk loading tools. E-mail attachments can be optionally stored as their own documents with doc-links to maintain the relationship.
  • Record disclosures or documents filed as pleadings.
  • Keep virtually unlimited notes and commentary.
  • Perform database wide correction or updates of database information.
  • Unique, proven and secure single-file-per-case repository; finally eliminate fragile and constantly breaking direct file links to evidentiary documents.

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*Actual number depends on compression of  contents

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