Relationships between facts, players, places, issues, events, etc. are very often the key to "cracking" that elusive case or understanding how the evidence and facts of a litigation, investigation or research project fit together.

With MasterFile you'll be able to:

  • Explore and follow chains of relationships among issues, players, places or any word or phrase in documents, extracts or facts.
  • MasterFile's tabbed interface lets you work without modes
    -- open or switch to multiple documents, images, transcripts, extracts, facts, multiple database instances or even multiple case files, effortlessly following your thoughts, without the tedium of constantly opening and closing windows.
  • One consistent 3 level issue outline and topic index eliminates keeping issue lists in multiple programs synchronized.
  • See documents, extracts, facts, chronology events, new evidence, outstanding questions or reminder tasks categorized by issue, topic or player, without printed reports.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly chronology display exposes relationships among events.
  • Full text/fuzzy searching finds all references to players and "objects".
  • Keep comprehensive profiles of each player in the case.

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