A well known PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP study found professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information.

MasterFile's exclusive Extract Repository goes beyond simplistic electronic "notes" or
annotations". It's woven right into MasterFile as a key component of the Argument Toolbox so key evidence culled from interview transcripts, contracts, affidavits, authorities, research from the literature, expert reports, leaked documents, etc. is always visible and ready for use:

  • MasterFile's views display extracts together with their source document so you can see what's important in dozens of documents at a glance, saving you and your team hours of rereading or sifting through electronic notes one by one.
  • Extracts appear grouped by issue or topic, author, document type, etc., eliminating report printing and most searching for key evidence.
  • Extracts can be created with just one click from text extracted from source documents. Another click puts you back in the source to let you read it again in context.
  • Extracts all have a summary description, can have virtually unlimited commentary and can be linked to any number of issues.
  • The Extract Repository is integrated with the C-Pen OCR Scanner Pen. A stroke of the pen, and the printed text appears "typed" directly into MasterFile. A highlighter that OCRs and types! Use it to quickly cull parts of a paper document, such as the critical facts or a conclusion from a long report or book - a unique capability specific only to MasterFile.
  • Security access controls let you keep an extract, along with your comments and notes, private.

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