Case analysis is all about organizing the evidence, facts, events and players around the issues in your case or investigation so you're able to understand who did what, when, where and why. MasterFile let's you get this done quickly and easily so you have all the facts at your fingertips, categorized by status, relevance, impact to your case and by your confidence in winning its argument.

Then, MasterFile takes you a step further and lets you actually set out and substantiate your argument because that's where you've captured your thoughts and knowledge about your case; where you relate one fact to another and tie them into a coherent picture that sets out your position.

Why users are switching to MasterFile, the CaseMap alternative, for case analysis

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    Review all the evidence and facts categorized by issue.

    Unique live "everything by issue" views

    The easier, understandable way to case analysis. See everything related to an issue at a glance instantly: all documents, key evidence, facts and players -- no need to constantly print reports "by issue" every time the case is updated. Open multiple tabbed views as needed -- no "moded" windows that have to be constantly opened and closed. And no need to maintain duplicate copies of the issue list in other "integrated" applications. How do we do this? Read the next point below!
    Learn more about MasterFile's unique "by issue" views

"MasterFile allows us to set up timelines, topics, issues and document types and to then cross reference [them]. The database can be easily amended as our knowledge of the case evolves. One of MasterFile's particular strengths is the ability to look at the evidence in many different ways depending on the line of analysis one is pursuing."
Nicholas Davies

  1. All-in-one document, evidence, case analysis and e-discovery platform designed and priced specifically for small and solo practices

    No need for extra litigation support software to manage evidence properly -- you'd need Summation or Concordance, Worldox and something for e-discovery at an extra cost of $1,500+ per CaseMap user to match MasterFile. And on top of those savings, MasterFile costs less than CaseMap by itself.

    MasterFile's easy to use Load 'n Go E-Discovery Platform lets small and solo firms self-manage e-discovery, e-mail evidence, document production, etc. of smaller cases in-house. Rapidly review and cull irrelevant documents, cluster e-mails into conversation threads and eliminate near duplicates, slashing clutter so you get immediate visibility of case facts for analysis.

    Loading, processing and managing work product, e-mails, evidence, transcripts and e-discovery has never been faster or easier. No need to tinker with multiple ad-hoc tools like CaseMap's DocPreviewer or PDF Loader, that only work with e-mails or PDF.

    Learn more about MasterFile's all-in-one solution
    Learn more about MasterFile's document repository
    Learn more about MasterFile's Load 'n Go E-Discovery Platform
  2. Single search across everything at one go

    Evidence, facts and issues in one place means one Google type search across everything. You no longer have to flip back and forth between CaseMap and other applications, with their multiple searching methods, when you need to find everything related to an issue or topic.
    Learn more about searching, browsing and exploring in MasterFile


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    See how your case is shaping up with colour coded fact views.





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    Compare MasterFile's clear and easy to understand fact views to CaseMap's spreadsheet.

    Colour coded fact and chronology dashboard

    See at a glance how your case or investigation is shaping up, where you're on solid ground, where you're weak or exposed and where work is needed. Show your clients a visual risk assessment and decide whether they're "good to go" or a settlement conference is in order.
    Learn more about setting out event chronologies

"MasterFile offered case-analysis tools that are similar, but superior, to CaseMap [with] a more comprehensible analysis of the case. ... Views offer a visual snapshot of the facts and the case time line or chronology. One can "see" the case more easily than one could in CaseMap."
-- John J.  Mueller

  1. Pre-categorized views

    Rapidly pinpoint and review facts by impact, issue, relevance, etc. without repeated searching or complex database sorts and re-sorts. Spend more time on what counts -- like analysis and argument -- rather than tinkering, experimenting and hunting.
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    Set out and substantiate your argument point by point.

    Argument toolbox

    Go beyond sorting and categorizing lists of facts. Set out your actual argument right in MasterFile: explain how facts relate to each other and tie them into a coherent picture substantiated point by point. Link in the supporting evidence with one click.
    Learn more.
  3. Proposition Analysis

    Investigators can remain impartial and assess facts as "For" or "Against" competing parties, hypotheses or propositions under investigation and not just "for us" or "against us".
    Learn more
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    One click bi-directionally synchronizes all work done off-line with the office -- even over the internet.

    Unrestricted, mobile and off-line support with next generation bi-directional synchronization

    Work off-line without restrictions. Bi-directional synchronization updates both you and your office with one click. Any user can replicate any number of cases at any time from anywhere without any complications.

    Whether you have a few hundred or a few thousand documents, broken file links, like CaseMap's, are a thing of the past because documents are stored right in MasterFile itself and not strewn across directories or in other document repositories.
    Learn more about MasterFile's mobile support
    Learn more about USB MasterFile
  5. OCR/PDF Evidence Cruncher: your service bureau in a box

    Convert documents to PDF format, OCR scanned images, create advanced document production briefcases, Bates stamp and more simply and easily with MasterFile's Evidence Cruncher -- it's like having your own service bureau in a box.
    Learn more
  6. Exclusive CaseMap Importer

    Fast and easy migration from CaseMap® 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to MasterFile's integrated document, e-discovery and case analysis platform.
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