• Price - choose from three very affordable deployment options

    Single or multi-user - $395 for 1 user or $995 for 5 - the most cost effective solution in the industry. A specially priced Personal Edition, with some functional limitations, is also available.

    Hosted Services -- No server needed! MasterFile, support, upgrades, mobile access and other options hosted in a secure data centre all for just $2/day/user -- that's less than a cup of coffee!
  • Easy to use. Lawyers can eliminate supporting and learning three separate systems.
    Combines fact management, litigation support and document management in one. Designed to be used day in, day out for all legal document related activities.
  • Facts and Case Analysis
    Unique colour coded views are your dashboard -- see where you stand at a glance.
  • Argument Toolbox
    Set out and substantiate argument, point by point.
  • Unique "document centric" repository designed and built for PDF, image and native document review
    Keeps documents sorted and categorized for ready reference by issue or topic, author, date, document type, etc. -- pinpoint any document with just two or three mouse clicks.
  • Exclusive Issue Outline and Issue Cross-Table
    Unique live views bring together everything (documents, extracts, facts, events, players) linked to multiple issues without printed reports.
  • Exclusive Extract Repository
    Goes beyond simple "notes" or "annotations" and lets you see at a glance what's important in any transcript, document, authority, etc.
  • Professional, practice area specific, client intake forms
    Intake forms your clients complete, ensuring critical case information is not forgotten. Automated loading lets you transfer information to MasterFile, reducing tedious, time consuming and expensive data entry.
  • Grab n Go Briefs
    The simplest and fastest way to make polished Word or PDF report sets for your client or other use.
  • Novel C-Pen OCR Handheld Scanner Pen integration
    A highlighter pen that OCRs and types! Use it to quickly cull parts of a paper document such as the critical facts or a conclusion from a long report or book without scanning the page -- a unique capability specific only to MasterFile saving hours of typing.
  • Hierarchical or categorized, user-defined folders
    Gather documents, extracts and/or facts for witness kits, third party access or other specific purposes.
  • Sophisticated Google type search
    Search the content of OCR or transcript text, notes, commentary, file attachments (PDF, DOC, etc.), argument, etc.
  • Express Load -- MasterFile's innovative and unique document loader
    Rapidly bulk load small, medium and large batches of e-mail, documents and images, OCR, transcripts or your own work files.
  • Built-in professional PDF printer
    Create PDFs from any application or web page.
  • Exclusive Evidence Cruncher
    OCR paper, convert files into PDF format, perform near-duplicate document review and streamline document production.
  • Unique CaseMap Importer
    Transfer your CaseMap® files to MasterFile and benefit from all its synergistic advantages.
  • Powerful tools for exploring relationships
    Follow the connections between facts, issues, players, places, etc.
  • "Things to do" Centre
    Track follow up questions and work for documents, extracts and facts.
  • Advanced printing capabilities
    Print reports of entire views/folder or selected entries, in table or summary digest form, or cut and paste to get perfectly formatted tables in Word or Excel.
  • Unrestricted functionality for mobile or disconnected users
    On-line or off-line it's all the same. Mobile users get bi-directional synchronization even over the Internet and industrial strength database and communications encryption and security.
  • Robust security keeps confidential information secure
    Documents, extracts and facts can be secured individually. MasterFile databases, either on servers or notebooks, can be automatically encrypted.
  • Powered by the Lotus Notes database engine
    Robust, secure technology proven every day with 145,000,000 users. MasterFile only uses Notes' database technology and works with Outlook -- no need to change e-mail systems.
  • One database file stores everything for one case or investigation -- backup, recovery and security is as simple as managing one file rather than thousands scattered across dozens of directories on file and/or database servers.

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