Today users demand to be able to "work from anywhere without restrictions", so every vendor claims "mobile user support", "Internet support", "work from anywhere", etc. However, all mobile user support and synchronization technologies are not created equal and "Internet options" subtly hide frustrating limitations you only find out after the fact.

MasterFile gives full, unrestricted functionality to:

  • disconnected mobile users and teams, and
  • remote users or offices connecting over the Internet either to synchronize or for on-line, real-time access,

without special "Internet options", Citrix, VPNs, IIS, etc., without their limitations and without the headache and cost of purchasing, installing, supporting and maintaining them.

And with USB MasterFile, our revolutionary new way to go mobile, you can even run MasterFile from standard USB flash disks or external drives without restrictions. Just plug it in to any computer and you're good to go -- off-line or on-line.

  • Work with all your documents, extracts, facts, argument, research, etc. off-line (such as on a plane) or on-line, connected to your office -- it's all the same.







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    One click bi-directionally synchronizes all work done off-line with the office -- even over the internet.












    Only MasterFile lets everyone keep facts, evidence and work-product synchronized bi-directionally -- you update head office and head office updates you.

    MasterFile keeps it simple -- synchronize all your case files and everything related to them with just one click. Lawyers and litigators are not forced to replicate facts with one product, evidentiary documents with a second and work product with a third. And, importantly, not forced to replicate each system, case by case, each time they leave or return to the office.

"While [synchronizing] is theoretically possible
with other programs, none have had the convenience,
ease and speed of MasterFile." --
Keith Pettle

  • Transparent synchronization lets you replicate and synchronize without forcing all remote and local users off the database.
  • Automated, server-to-server synchronization over the Internet for near real-time data at remote offices, teams, co-counsel or war rooms ... global scalability.
  • Selective replication and security lets you control what is replicated to local notebooks, branch office servers or to third parties such as co-counsel.
  • Powered by IBM's legendary replication and real-time technology: the standard by which all other replication technologies are measured; robust, secure, reliable.
  • Industrial strength, 128 bit communication and database encryption, even on laptops. Especially important if you're considering using virtual paralegals for clerical or other activities.


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