• No need to change e-mail systems -- MasterFile is not just for "Notes users" and works with Outlook just fine! MasterFile only uses Notes' unique database technology just like other applications use SQL or Access -- and they're not only for "SQL" users either!
  • Industry leader in knowledge management solutions.
  • Proven -- Over 145,000,000 users (comparable to Microsoft).
  • Simple and easy to install and use -- our short videos "Installing Lotus Notes" and "Installing Lotus Domino Server" show you, step by step, how easy it is to install Notes and its Domino server.
  • Inexpensive -- just $139 per user, including the server software, in single user quantities. Students and faculty at qualified academic institutions may register to use Notes without charge. Click here for more information regarding the IBM Academic Initiative.
  • Mobile users -- full, unrestricted, on-line/off-line functionality for remote or Internet users.
  • Replication -- Notes' bi-directional replication technology: the standard by which all are measured for disconnected mobile users or for remote offices.
  • Case or project size -- Effective and efficient in small and solo offices or cases with only 100 documents, but scales for global teams with cases of up to 500,000* pages of documents.
  • Scalable client/server design -- grow from a single notebook user to a global team; nothing extra to buy.
  • Single-file-per-case repository -- everything for one case or investigation is stored in one database file for simplified backup/recovery, maintenance, security, etc.
  • Security and Encryption -- simple to use, robust security that just works -- in or out of the office:
    • Security access restrictions down to individual documents, extracts, work product and facts to keep critical evidence, arguments and strategy secure and private.
    • Authentication and communication between the server and users is compressed and encrypted, even when over the Internet, using industrial strength 128 bit RSA private/public keys.
    • MasterFile databases, either on servers or notebooks, can also be kept automatically encrypted.

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*Actual number depends on compression of contents

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