The hard way means multiple programs: CaseMap for facts, Summation or Concordance for litigation support, something else for e-discovery and Worldox for document management -- 3 or more different interfaces to learn and use every day.

MasterFile eliminates having:

  1. 3 databases to keep searching,
  2. 3 methods to load documents,
  3. 3 ways to go mobile to remember,
  4. 3 security models to understand,
  5. 3 systems to install, backup and update, and
  6. 3 places to call for support.

The easy way means one program -- all case material is in one place and everything works the same way and at 1/4 the cost.

With MasterFile's affordable, self-managed litigation support, solo and smaller firms can finally cope with
e-discovery, e-mail evidence, scanned documents, pleadings, production, etc. of smaller cases.

"I had been using both a case analysis
and a leading litigation support product,
but I've switched to MasterFile ... using two products was proving too cumbersome.
The synergistic feel of MasterFile is simply not there in any other product I'm aware of
... very intuitive and easy to use metaphor"
-- George Avraam

"We now use MasterFile for every file
we open, whether the file is a litigation file
or a transaction file. ... MasterFile has
exceeded all of our expectations ...
MasterFile is intuitive ... easy to learn"
Nicholas Davies

"MasterFile places lawyers in small firms and solo practices on a technologically equal footing with large firms that use applications costing several times more than MasterFile."
-- John J.  Mueller


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