MasterFile is a full fledged document management system that's as simple and easy to use as e-mail. Store and manage your own correspondence, e-mail, articles, research, reports, etc.

Litigators and lawyers: eliminate the cost and effort of supporting an additional complex third-party document management system just for your work product.

Start with the key documents from just one case or investigation without disrupting your existing technology infrastructure or current practices. Then later incrementally scale-up to hundreds of case files and users.

  • Automatic integration with most Windows applications.
  • Store both source documents and scanned versions (with court filing stamps, signatures, etc.) so both are available at your fingertips.
  • Pinpoint any document in just two or three mouse clicks -- MasterFile's views keep both your own and other parties' documents categorized for ready reference by date, author, recipient, document type, matter, etc.
  • Or, find documents by searching their content. No more rummaging through directories or hunting for misfiled paper.
  • Use MasterFile's innovative Extract Repository to highlight that key paragraph or clause so it's not lost or forgotten and save yourself hours of re-reading. Then, link it to issues or argument -- draw out and use the information buried in your case documents.
  • Other features include document check in/check out; handling amendments; robust security; bulk-loading with MasterFile's unique Express Load and E-mail loader.
  • Document management benefits from all of MasterFile's other features, such as full, unrestricted mobile user support.
  • MasterFile's robust, secure and proven single-file-per-case repository eliminates complex, conventional document management technology which requires technical expertise on workstations, file servers and databases.

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