"Rarely does one find documentation about a product as readily available as is to be found on MasterFile's website ... a complete set of white papers and more important, tutorials and videos that guide you not toward the goal of purchase, but to understanding the product and how to use it before you buy."
-- Richard S Demarest, JD, AdvocatesResources

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MasterFile Concepts and Features

  1. Case Knowledge Management -- as easy as DEF with MasterFile's exclusive Fact & Argument technology.
  2. Managing litigation and work-product (work in progress) documents:
    Are two systems really needed just to manage your documents?
  3. Regular mail and new paper documents -- why conventional litigation support and document management systems are unsatisfactory.
  4. Mobile and remote users -- the truth about how "leading" litigation and document management systems really support them.
  5. Security in leading document management and litigation support systems under the microscope -- the results may shock you!
  6. MasterFile doc-link technology eliminates: 1) Broken CaseMap file links, 2) CaseMap document short name headaches and confusion, 3) the chaos of ad-hoc cross-links to related information.
  7. Importing CaseMap case files using the CaseMap Importer.
  8. Document binder tabs - Replace or enhance paper tabs with MasterFile's views for instant organization
  9. The secrets to one of MasterFile's best kept secrets -- Issues and Topics.
  10. MasterFile's unique Issue Cross-Table -- when issue outlines are insufficient.
  11. Understanding how pleadings and disclosures work in MasterFile.
  12. Grab n Go Briefs -- Fast, polished, custom Word or PDF report sets from MasterFile for client or internal use.
  13. Compare MasterFile to CaseMap®, Summation®, Concordance® or Worldox® ...
  14. Understanding the impact of PDF's hidden challenges to your firm ...
    A comparison of MasterFile and its OCR/PDF Evidence Cruncher to CaseMap with Acrobat Professional.
  15. Why does MasterFile use Lotus Notes and not SQL or Microsoft Exchange?
  16. Proposition Analysis -- Journalists and researchers can assess facts "for" or "against" competing parties, hypotheses or propositions under investigation


Using MasterFile

  1. Getting started right with MasterFile.
  2. How to load your first case file's documents into MasterFile.
  3. MasterFile Professional Client Intake - Get your client's story accurately and load it in MasterFile effortlessly.
  4. Using the Evidence Cruncher and Express Loader -- PDF conversion, OCR or loading documents and e-mail doesn't get any simpler.
  5. Maintenance -- Power Assisted Revision, Global replace, Global add/remove.
  6. Setting out argument -- strategies and techniques.
  7. Understanding how to handle questions, answers and interrogatories in MasterFile
  8. Innovative uses of MasterFile beyond the obvious.
  9. Bookmarks and shortcuts for instant access to documents, work-product, extracts,
    facts and databases.
  10. Tips for working efficiently with views.
  11. Tips for working with profiles.
  12. Full text searching tips.
  13. Doc-link tips.
  14. Integrating MasterFile with TimeMatters, Amicus Attorney, Abacus Law, Practice Master, PC Law or other practice management systems

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