Cross Examination Questions: Essential Techniques, Tips and Secrets

Cross-examination, of course, makes for the best scenes in courtroom dramas.  But successful cross-examination is not about charisma and oratory skills; rather, it’s about excellent preparation, or hard work, and following some time tested and simple tips.

Who’s to Blame? COVID-19 Liability Shields and Waivers

COVID-19 calls into question American personal injury law’s role in consumer protection. Every area of the law will be impacted as litigants look to protect their rights in this pandemic.

Bar Exam Roundup – Uncertainty and chaos in the era of COVID-19

COVID-19 has left graduating law students – and hiring law firms – uncertain. The drastically different status of law grads across the country may present issues for years to come.

How to correctly Bates number PDFs and native files

Bates numbers are not outdated. They just need to be used correctly to number TIF, PDF, and native files. See how, and why, MasterFile makes it simple.

How to split PDFs into logical files

Dozens of products let you split a large PDF file into smaller PDFs based on a number of criteria. That’s all well and good, but being able to simply extract pages has no relevance to managing evidence, key facts and extracts within each document that’s inside the large PDF file now on your screen. MasterFile splits and loads large PDF files for you automatically, so you can focus on what matters most – case analysis and case strategy.

How to create better case chronologies and legal timelines

As any litigator or investigator that’s handled a complex matter knows, getting control of the stacks of evidence, facts and legal issues can be quite a challenge. MasterFile is designed to let you easily manage case information in matters of any complexity to build stronger cases and ultimately, win more. In this short article, we explain how to create legal timelines and case chronologies that can give you an edge in court.

Cross Examination Software

Cross examination is not the time to delve into a witness’s interpretation of the facts; rather, it’s the time for you to tell a story by obtaining the witness’s assent. Take a deep dive into evidence, research, facts and events with MasterFile and see how, and why, MasterFile lets you develop your questions more efficiently and execute them more effectively.

Medical Chronology Software and Medical Records Analysis

Analyzing and converting the medical record into a clear medical chronology, medical reports and visual timelines in MasterFile is easy. In this article, we show you why.

Why annotations for notes and key information no longer work

Yellow Post-It notes worked for paper-based evidence mark-up because besides holding your thoughts, they also served as bookmarks to critical evidence. This bookmarking aspect, critical for evidence mark-up, doesn’t happen with electronic sticky notes and other techniques like point-to-point linking. In this short article, we show you how MasterFile is different.

Release Notes: Version 8.0

Private equity company selects Masterfile for multi-jurisdictional litigation

Sometimes the client can steer his counsel towards the right technology for the tasks at hand. Facing multi-jurisdictional litigation private equity firm Icarus Investments did just that by selecting MasterFile — with immediate and significant success. With litigation proceeding in the United States, the EU and the UK, everything needed to be in one place, in one system. Counsel had to be able to learn and work quickly too — even without Internet access or related response time degradation. Here’s their story.

Release Notes: Version 7.0

Whistler Law finds MasterFile exceeds expectations

Small law firms with one or a few offices have unique requirements. Just like mechanics, they know the importance of what’s under the hood. If all the parts don’t fit and work together, everything grinds to a halt. This is a lesson that boutique firm Whistler Law solved quickly with MasterFile — with immediate and unexpectedly significant success. Here’s their story.

Reviewing Medical Records for Legal Nurse Consultants

Medical records are voluminous. We show you, the legal nurse consultant, how MasterFile automatically creates a detailed timeline of what took place when, and by whom, as you review. Topic chronologies, specific to your case and focusing on specific areas of concern are easy to isolate too — simplifying your analysis of common to care settings. You can filter events by issue, care, provider or treater, etc., easily transform events into custom reports, and with one click, into visual timelines, making complex series of events easy to grasp.