Private equity company selects Masterfile for multi-jurisdictional litigation

Sometimes the client can steer his counsel towards the right technology for the tasks at hand. Facing multi-jurisdictional litigation private equity firm Icarus Investments did just that by selecting MasterFile — with immediate and significant success. With litigation proceeding in the United States, the EU and the UK, everything needed to be in one place, in one system. Counsel had to be able to learn and work quickly too — even without Internet access or related response time degradation. Here’s their story.

Whistler Law finds MasterFile exceeds expectations

Small law firms with one or a few offices have unique requirements. Just like mechanics, they know the importance of what’s under the hood. If all the parts don’t fit and work together, everything grinds to a halt. This is a lesson that boutique firm Whistler Law solved quickly with MasterFile — with immediate and unexpectedly significant success. Here’s their story.