Case Knowledge Management

At its heart, making your case is about proving the facts related to each issue with concrete argument, substantiated with key extracts of information (raw facts) drawn from the documents or evidence — exactly what MasterFile was designed for from the start.

Importing CaseMap cases with the CaseMap Importer

Our CaseMap® Importer lets you import any CaseMap case from CaseMap version 4 and up. Transferring your CaseMap cases to MasterFile’s integrated document and fact repository is quick and easy. In this article we show you how the CaseMap Importer works and some results — the differences are startlingly clear! After switching, browse evidence and extract key information, dive deep into facts and issues, explore relationships, and analyze, set out and substantiate argument, point by point — unique capabilities that only MasterFile brings you. With everything in one place, MasterFile gives you clarity. And makes you more effective.