Before MasterFile size mattered when it come to litigation support software -- it was expensive, complex and needed IT staff to cobble together the systems you needed to get your work done: a document system for evidence, another for work-product, one for case analysis and one for transcripts. Synchronizing your work from the road or at home was frustrating.

"MasterFile is an incredibly well thought out and easy to use product ...
clearly written by a team who have a deeper understanding of
the very specific legal process required.
" -- Paul Ryan

MasterFile was designed from the ground up to level the playing field for small and solo practices. An affordable, state-of-the-art litigation support system, MasterFile combines self-managed e-discovery, advanced case analysis, a document and evidence repository and document management into one, easy to use system.

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    Your case "masterfile"
    Review all the evidence and facts categorized by issue.

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    Case Analysis
    See how your case is shaping up with colour coded fact views.


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    Argument Drafting
    Set out and substantiate your case point by point.

    Advanced Case Analysis and Argument Toolbox

    When it comes to case analysis and setting out the facts, MasterFile comes into its own: its unique Argument Toolbox lets you actually draft your case and substantiate it point by point, its live "by Issue" views let you review extracts of key evidence for a given issue at a glance and its colour coded fact views show you just how your case is shaping up.

    Creating and analysing the case event chronology is as simple as assigning dates to facts and using the unique "by Issue" chronology views to review events related to each issue. Integration with TimeMap® lets you create compelling visual charts.

    Learn more about MasterFile's advanced fact and case analysis

    Learn more about MasterFile's
    Argument Toolbox

    Learn more about creating chronologies

"MasterFile offers case analysis tools similar,
but superior, to CaseMap."

-- John J. Mueller

  • Self-managed e-discovery platform

    MasterFile's Load 'n Go E-Discovery Platform makes short work of
    e-discovery (a) rapid document loading in native format, (b) rapid cull-down of what's irrelevant so review time is slashed to what's responsive and (c) reviewing and extracting key evidence from the responsives.

    The bottom line: Dramatically more productive use of your time.

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    Your case "masterfile"
    Pinpoint any document in 2 or 3 clicks by author, document type, etc.

    Unique document repository

    MasterFile's unique document and evidence repository lets you organize all your evidence, transcripts and legal research material and instantly put your finger on any item, by author, date, document type, issue, etc. in a couple of mouse clicks.  Its "document centric" design lets you perform PDF or native review and productions or in traditional image formats.

"MasterFile touts, and reality demonstrates you can find
virtually any document within the collection with three keystrokes."
-- Richard S Demarest

    Each case file has its own secure MasterFile database. This becomes the central store for evidence, research, work-product, pleadings, e-mails, notes, facts and argument -- i.e the case "masterfile" where you turn to find everything related to it.

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    Extract repository
    See what's important at a glance.

    Extract repository of key evidence

    As you review evidence, transcripts or legal research, MasterFile's Extract technology lets you immediately highlight, extract and classify by issue, passages of key information. Using our C-Pen handheld OCR scanning pen, you can even create extracts directly off hardcopy documents. Extracts are your key evidence so MasterFile makes sure they're always visible and not buried away.

    Learn more about the Extract Repository
    Learn more about MasterFile's C-Pen integration
  • Evidence Cruncher

    MasterFile's optional Evidence Cruncher is your litigation Service Bureau in a Box. Perform near-duplicate review of documents and e-mail conversation threads, conversion to PDF format, OCR generation, sophisticated production briefcases, document production in native, PDF or TIFF format, Bates stamping and more.

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    One click bi-directionally synchronizes all work done off-line with the office -- even over the internet.

    Unmatched mobile user support

    MasterFile's mobile user support is second to none. You get full, unrestricted functionality when mobile even when disconnected. One click
    bi-directional synchronization of any number of cases keeps everyone up to date, whether they are in the office or out.

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    Learn more about USB MasterFile

See a day in the life of a lawyer using MasterFile

White Paper: Managing litigation and work-product documents: Are two systems really needed just to manage your documents?

Compare MasterFile to CaseMap®, Summation®, Concordance® and Worldox®
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CaseMap Importer -- Quickly migrate from CaseMap 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to MasterFile's integrated document & fact repository.
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Competitive upgrade info

Support for Equivio NearDuplicates -- Near-duplicate review of documents and e-mails. A simple 3 step process that even solo and smaller practices can afford.
Learn more

Client Intake -- Professional, practice area specific, intake forms for automated loading of case facts, document inventories and players.
Learn more

  Grab n Go Briefs -- The simplest and fastest way to polished Word or PDF reports for your client.
Learn more

TimeMap® integration with links back to the MasterFile event and its supporting evidence.
Learn more

OCR/PDF Evidence Cruncher -- Your Service Bureau in a Box. Bulk OCR and PDF conversion, Bates stamping, etc.
Learn more

C-Pen OCR Scanner integration -- Think of it as an OCR highlighter pen.
Learn more

Sanction® Integration -- Send documents and text clips to Sanction II.8.

MasterFile: Single or Multi-user
Run MasterFile's state-of-the-art Case Analysis, Litigation Support and Document Management on your own server -- MasterFile is the best value in the industry.

USB MasterFile
USB MasterFile is our revolutionary new
way to go mobile. Run MasterFile from any
USB flash disk or external drive without
restrictions. Plug it in and you're good to go.

Hosted Services
No server needed! MasterFile,  support, upgrades and mobile access -- for only $2/day/user ... that's less than a cup of coffee!

Personal Edition
Designed and priced for solo practices ... if you don't need database sharing, this edition's for you! Make life easy!

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