The MasterFile Evidence Cruncher is your affordable Service Bureau in a Box -- just add scanner!

As part of its standard features MasterFile lets you:

  • load scanned or electronic documents, work product and e-mail in bulk, either in the document's native format, in PDF, or both, with or without OCR,
  • load text from PDF files for indexing and making extracts,
  • print PDF documents "as is",
  • produce documents for disclosure in native format either as MasterFile briefcases, creating a permanent archive as well, or as individual files, and
  • maintain production and disclosure history of each document disclosed in native format.

Adding MasterFile's Evidence Cruncher, a unique, affordable tool integrated right into MasterFile's document repository, lets you also:

  • OCR scanned paper documents
    OCR full text index and convert scanned paper documents into searchable PDF -- a process we call "crunching". View these standard PDF files with the free Acrobat viewer.
  • Convert electronic documents into PDF format
    Convert native format documents created by applications, such as Word, Excel, Outlook e-mail, Lotus Notes e-mail and/or databases, etc. into PDF format, while still retaining the native format document. Over 100 electronic document formats are supported.
  • Organize near-duplicate documents
    Research shows that 30-50% of documents and e-mails are duplicates or near-duplicates. Detecting these dramatically cuts document review time -- even for smaller document sets -- making near duplicate review affordable for small and solo practices.
  • Streamline document production
    Produce and Bates stamp documents for legal discovery or disclosure. Produced documents are maintained in permanent archives, complete with Bates page numbers and stamped information, for subsequent reproduction in whole or in part. Disclosure history of each document is also maintained. Production can be in either TIF, PDF or native format.

The Evidence Cruncher is a powerful tool which can handle high volumes of OCR and PDF conversion -- upto several thousand per day on dedicated computers. Think of the it like a photocopier -- you need one in the office, but every user doesn't need one, nor is it used all the time. Similarly only one Evidence Cruncher per 5-10 users is typically needed.

Note that individual documents or web pages can also be converted to PDF, and their text extracted (not OCRed), by users themselves using MasterFile's free professional PDF printer driver which allows users to make PDF documents from any application.

Click here to review the Evidence Cruncher's system requirements.


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