Videos and Slideshows


  • Advanced case analysis, managing facts and issues, setting out your case

    See how MasterFile’s Fact Management system

    • shows you at a glance how your case is shaping up, where you’re on solid ground, where you’re exposed, and where work’s needed,
    • lets you set out your arguments and make your case,
    • lets you develop chronologies and chart the timelines with TimeMap®.


  • Quick Start -- Concepts

    We suggest you  use the accompanying Quick Start Concepts and Tutorial PDF guides alongside the Quick Start videos for handy reference.

  • Quick Start -- Tutorial

    Walks you through setting up a MasterFile database for “Global Warming” research. Learn the key tasks to get started: creating the database, loading documents, creating extracts and issues, and capturing web pages with MasterFile’s integrated PDF print driver.

Installation and Configuration

  • Installing Lotus Domino Server

    Follow this video install the Lotus Domino server — it’s fast and it’s easy. You can view this tutorial on-line or download the self-running, off-line version to guide you through server installation. This video must be used alongside the PDF guide “Install Notes+MasterFile for Domino server users” as the section in the video on Domino Administrator no longer applies.

  • Registering and managing Domino users

    This video walks you through registering Domino users — a quick 2 minute process — so they can access MasterFile databases stored on Domino servers. It also covers renaming users and how to temporarily prevent a user from accessing the server.

  • Managing MasterFile users and security

    This video shows you how to

    • grant users access to a MasterFile database,
    • control access to individual documents, extracts or facts,
    • lock profiles for extended periods with check in/out, and
    • use MasterFile’s “Global add/remove” and “Global replace” to make bulk corrections to profile security.
  • Steps external users outside your organization need to take to connect to your Domino Server and access your MasterFile databases.

  • Steps you must take to allow external users access to your Domino Server and MasterFile databases.