Cross Examination Software

Cross examination is not the time to delve into a witness’s interpretation of the facts; rather, it’s the time for you to tell a story by obtaining the witness’s assent. Take a deep dive into evidence, research, facts and events with MasterFile and see how, and why, MasterFile lets you develop your questions more efficiently and execute them more effectively.

Unlock Your Case With Litigation Support Software

Every case’s DNA is made up of claims, counterclaims and defenses. Easily organize case evidence, facts, events and the case chronology in MasterFile. Set out the claim and add issues and other probative factors in one step. Litigation management software that’s simple and intuitive.

Medical Chronology Software and Medical Records Analysis

Analyzing and converting the medical record into a clear medical chronology, medical reports and visual timelines in MasterFile is easy. In this article, we show you why.

Reviewing Medical Records for Legal Nurse Consultants

Medical records are voluminous. We show you, the legal nurse consultant, how MasterFile automatically creates a detailed timeline of what took place when, and by whom, as you review. Topic chronologies, specific to your case and focusing on specific areas of concern are easy to isolate too — simplifying your analysis of common to care settings. You can filter events by issue, care, provider or treater, etc., easily transform events into custom reports, and with one click, into visual timelines, making complex series of events easy to grasp.